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Exordi is for rebels. Those who don’t settle for superficial content but instead seek more out life, more inspiration, and more connections. Exordi is based on four pillars: Sport, Music, Art and Fashion each characterized by a street attitude. The focus lies on talent, passion and inspiration. Looks, origin, beliefs are of no importance here. The street attitude allows for talent in its purest form without the need for special equipment.

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Are you an … ?
  • Enthusiast: a person who is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic about an activity, subject, or pastime
  • Hobbyist: someone devoted to an activity practiced regularly in one's leisure time for pleasure. 
  • Amateur: someone who engages in an activity for the sheer love of it 
  • Mentor: an experienced and trusted adviser 
  • Emerging Talent: becoming apparent or prominent in a particular industry 
  • Professional: someone engaged in a specific activity as one's main paid occupation rather than as a pastime 
Then Exordi is for you. 
A redefined system.
Ratings are the only metric you can see on other users' profiles. Your own breakdown (followers and followings) is visible only to you. 
This will provide a more meaningful and insightful metric about a user’s talent. Composed of three factors, it gives our users a rating out of 10. 
Exordi has no space for fake or bought indicators, only real and untapped talent.
Replaces the “like” function on the app. You can only hand out 20 per day per user. 



Carlo Scaglia


Raw Talent. Pure Passion. Street Attitude.

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